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Transport and Forwarding

About us

Unitra GmbH specialize in international and national over normative transport. Our several years experience in transporting heavy and bulky loadings gives us an opportunity to fulfill orders from our clients as soon as possible while also achieving very good quality and safety.

At our client’s disposal we give modern, eco-firendly and safety trucks and trailers. Every loading which is transported by our company is insured, also there is a possibility to make additional insurance at the request of client.

We make transports across whole Europe, Russia and CIS.

Among the services provided by the company Unitra GmbH are: obtaining appropriate permissions for the passage of the vehicle, organization of civilian and police escort and dismantling traffic signs (VLM). We also have steady permissions for our trucks and trailers.

Map of our transport range:

Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan